DM270 Swivelplate

Boat RV

Thanks to the quick release system, the swivelplate is easy to mount on a deckmate handle.

The ABS plastic swivelplate is fitted with a dual axle connection, with a connector made of a bright dip aluminium that has an stainless steel spring clip button so it can quickly be exchanged for a deckmate handle.

It has 2 strips with extruded Velcro for a strong attachment to the scrubpad and to prevent the washcover from twisting.

Suitable for:

  • Attaching several application products, such as a scrub pad and washcover. The swivelplate is meant for cleaning from a distance with an accessory.

After use, it is recommended that you wash the Swivelplate in plenty of fresh water and leave it to dry.

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DM270 Swivelplate
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