About us

In 2010 we started our line of cleaning products called Deck Mate. Reason for this; we found, after 9 years of experience with cleaning application products, that prices of cleaning products for maritime market were extremely high. The reason for this was the very many links between the manufacturer and the end user. Prices rose and were so high that for a brush and a handle that serve for cleaning, the user paid the price as for an art object.

At that time WIC also saw a growing need for cleaning items on exchangeable handles of a high quality at a competitive price. In view of our experience and our capacity of large stocks, we have been able to avoid many links between production and the end user. We deliberately opted for a limited line with good and quickly marketable products, resulting in lower prices.

Our products are partly purchased from reputable companies worldwide and the rest is produced in our own company. 85% of all products are packed by us after inspection and provided with required product information and instructions.

In addition to Deck Mate, WIC also produces and distributes the Comfort Seat. A high-quality seating cushion with integrated frame work so that back support is not necessary. Check the site. www.comfortseat.nl

WIC guarantees high quality production of water sports and leisure products, cushions and cleaning line for boat, car, RV and household

Theo van Ham
Managing board